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Update 2 Group Photo

High Above the Valley Floor

Check out this update from our Lord of the Rings fans, the North India travel group, who are currently loving Nepal.

“The Lords of Nepal, Fellowship of the Nine

Update 2 Dante BirthdayOur journey continued on October 15 (Dante’s birthday) as we were whisked away to the enchanting , lush hills of the outer Kathmandu Valley. 

Colorful prayer flags danced above our heads while we learned about Buddhist traditions. On our way to the top of the prayer flag hill, our Buddhist guide

Michael enlightened us on the rituals, stories, and wisdom of the sacred philosophy. We visited temples and holy caves as the chanting of monks, chimes of bells, and fragrance of incense washed over our entire beings.

Update 2 Kathmandu Valley

As we reached the top, we were greeted with the breathtaking spectacle that is the Kathmandu Valley. Our personal prayer flags joined the sea of never-ending vibrant cloth hanging in the blue sky amongst the trees. After a Buddhist Lama finished his blessing on our flags, we jubilantly floated down the hill and ended the day with Cheshire grins on our faces.

Update 2 Corn Husks

On October 17, a mere two days later, we embarked on a treacherously rewarding day hike in the Himalayan foothills. Although, at some points, the struggle was all too real, our unwavering positive energy and love for the emerald green nature around us lifted our spirits as high as the peaks looming above us. Our guides, Ganesh and Veda, led us above the clouds with an aura emanating both patience and warmth. The hike took our breath away both literally and figuratively as we appreciated the landscape around us at a “comfortable” 2000+ meters of elevation.

The rest of our days have been filled with yoga, service, and lots of laughter. We are currently working on adding a colorful mural to the ashram. More updates to come!


The Fellowship of the Nine”

Update 1 Group

A Long Way From Home

We arrived in Guatemala City on October 2. A staff member from Long Way Home, the local NGO we have spent the last week volunteering at, came to pick us up. We enjoyed a beautiful view of Guatemala on our ride from Guatemala City to Comalapa. On the drive we saw a man dressed in clown gear juggling machetes as well as another man jumping onto and hanging off the back of a moving chicken bus going about 40 MPH. Needless to say that this was only the beginning of our wonderful adventure here so far.

Update 1 Kids

On Sunday, October 4, we had a scavenger hunt to acquaint ourselves with the town. It was our very first experience with the colorful market, as well as our first time practicing our spanish and bartering skills. This exciting downtime gave us some time to immerse ourselves in Comalapa before beginning our work week at Long Way Home where we were plastering, painting, stomping, and shoveling, oh my! One member of the group (Andy) even cut off her hair to donate to Long Way Home, where they use human hair in their plaster. Now a piece of her will always be in Guatemala.Update 1 Emily

That was only Tuesday. Our action packed week also included delicious food prepared by a wonderful woman named Antonia, a culture night with authentic Guatemalan music and a limbo-off that Ryan lost, a beautiful hike up the mountains of Comalapa, a tortilla making demonstration, numerous impromtu dance parties, and meeting so many interesting and friendly people. Oscar, the famous Guatemalan painter; Fleciano, the man whom we are staying with; Roberto, Oscar´s son who gave us a tour and history lesson of Comalapa; Robin, the volunteer coordinator of Longway Home, as well as so many more beautiful humans.
Update 1 Limbo

Before we head to Xela, we have a bonfire and barbecue waiting for us, as well as so many more adventures. Sure, we may be a long way from home, but Longway Home has welcomed into their arms and settled any homesickness that has arisen. We learned so many lessons of gratitude, compassion, and patience in our time in Comalapa and cannot wait to see what else the future has in store for us. We love you Guatemala!

Adios y besos,