The Latin America Trek

Coming off an amazing cultural immersion experience of living in home stays, the LTAM group completed a few tasks before embarking for the testing trek. To bring our time at Casa Xela Hu Рthe Spanish school Рto an end, the students all wonderfully presented a demonstration that exemplified their progress thanks to the learning institution.

image8Our last days in the European-like town of Xela were both hard to let go of and full of wonderment as to what trials and tribulations would have to be overcome in the trek. Talking about the trek, we had a hard start, climbing up hill for several hours, until we finally had a hearty and delicious snack of trail mix, an appreciated departure from the papas fritas and tacos of the city, We journeyed on throughout the first hiking day as well as the second which was entailed with multiple pit stops such as Record hill, a vertically challenging hill to traverse and the


Cornfield of Death named so because a guide once was attacked by a cow, according to myth of course. We had smores that night, and were treated to a delicacy that some only experience once a lifetime. At the ungodly hour of 4am, a divine sight was observed by the group, the eruption of a volcano bordering the sparkling waters of Lake Atitlan. The last day of the trek was wildly easier for us to endure given the difficulty of the first few days. After the trek was over, we found ourselves in a tropical paradise and treated ourselves to hamburgers and dives into the water we had so


longingly been staring at for the last few hours. From there, we departed for San Marcos, a yoga and spirituality hotspot in Guatemala. Much to our surprise and content, we housed in Las Pyrimides, a meditation center focused this week on the analysis and observation of lucid dreaming and astral travel. What an experience this has been! We cant wait to update you all on our next adventure in the controlled pandemonium we know as Central America!


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