Tranquility at Las Piramades

After a few busy weeks, staying at the yoga and meditation retreat called Las Piramades was a welcomed time of relaxation. We began each day


with an hour of yoga where we both energized our muscles and calmed our minds. We then made our own breakfasts from local, high quality fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, bread and eggs. The bread was made by a local lady who also makes kombucha, kefir,


kimchi, and other probiotic products. Each day, we’d also have a class on metaphysics and specifically lucid dreaming and astral traveling taught by an amazing lady named Chaty who also led us in a daily hour-long meditation. She explained to us the process of transcending different dimensions and shared her own


eye-opening experiences. The name Las Piramades has a specific story, but it also is embedded in the architecture. Most of us stayed in little hobbit house pyramids, and the whole retreat was beautiful. Each day we’d do movement in a garden full of healing herbs. For lunch and dinner, we arranged for a local restaurant to make us group meals. It was owned by a very jolly English man named Paul who was always willing to support us.

Our free time consisted of visits to the local cafe with delicious cookies, tranquil aesthetics, and fresh juices. We would also spend time on the dock, go for walks, talk to other travelers, and soak up the cultural blend. We had the amazing opportunity to free our minds and bodies at the local ecstatic dance. It took about thirty minutes to hike up to this beautiful center called the Yoga Forest surrounded by waterfalls, nestled between two mountains, and overlooking the mystical Lago Atitlan. We danced for a few hours, drank cacao, and twirled in arial silks. That afternoon we partook in a casual kirtan or devotional chanting session, which was very energetic. Our whole week was focused on balancing ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


After this rejuvenating
time, we headed to the airport to make our trip to Roatan, Honduras. We began our journey by sleeping on the airport floor, which was difficult but rewarding and eye-opening nonetheless. Getting off the plane, we were hit by a wave of humidity and heat, and saw the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea in front of us. We arrived at our hostel and began the next part of our thriving journey.


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