What a Way to Start the Week in Nicaragua!


Leaving Roatan was hard. The wonderful new friends we made at Octopus Dive School and Buena Onda Hostel were sad to see us go. But Nicaragua was calling our names, and we were quick to answer! However, despite our initial enthusiasm, we were sadly delayed for an hour and a half in the San Salvadore Airport. This


actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because by that point we were all starving and 30 minutes is not a lot of time to grab a lunch. Our first impression of Nicaragua was fantastic. After going through the usual hum-drum of customs, James, a Leapnow staff member, greeted us with fabulous dance moves and a fully planned three day Vacation at a lovely


hostel by a lake called Peace Project. We had a wonderful time, a mixture of working on internships and lakeside activities helped rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. This time passed quickly and we soon found ourselves on our way to Matagalpa with our new favorite driver, Eddy. Eddy took us first to an artisan market in Masaya where we bought gifts for our family members. Don’t worry, nobody got anything too crazy. Once we had a chance to settle into our home-stays, our classwork began at the charming Colibri Spanish School. The teachers there were very adaptable to all styles of learning, and the coffee was impeccable which helped a lot. Through the school, we had the rare opportunity to join a silent


protest against domestic violence in Nicaragua.We painted our faces white to symbolize the pureness and light of the women who were murdered. We also wore red to represent the blood shed. We marched to the police station, to draw attention towards the police officials who refuse to acknowledge these


crimes, and the organizer gave a speech over megaphone. It was a powerful experience. What a way to start the week!

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