Love and Light from North India

Happy Early Turkey Day From Varanasi!

Here in vegetarian India, no animals will be hurt in the making of our Thanksgiving this year. Actually, we will be working with elephants and bears at a wildlife sanctuary in two days. Today we are leaving Varanasi via a 14 hour train ride to the city of Agra. Ricky is VERY excited to be on the train. Our past 14 days in Varanasi have been what I can only call organized chaos. The city has been a challenge for every single group member in so many different ways as well as an amazing teacher to all of us. Everyone is very sad to be leaving their home stays, but also so excited for the next adventure.

And now, a few highlights of the past week. Let us tell you all about the best movie on the face of the planet. In case you weren’t aware, India produces quite the films. We went to the movies to watch a traditional Bollywood movie as a group, but had no idea what we were in for. Long story short, it was a love story that got rather complicated. But no worries there was singing and dancing and perfectly timed balloon drops on the streets of Scotland. Yeah that’s right folks, an Indian movie based in Scotland. Something that was


equally awesome was the fire dancing performance performed by three students: Leilah, Sarah and Lucas. Needless to say, it was awesome. They each twirled around a stick with both ends quite on fire. Sarah may or may not have burned a small strand of her hair off. Speaking of fire, our guide, Sangrameetra, took us down to the burning ghat yesterday. For those of you who don’t


know what that is, it’s where the death ceremony is performed. In the ceremony, family members lay the body down by the Ganges and clean it off before laying it under a pile of wood and burning it for 4-5 hours until they collect the ashes and spread them in the river. It was an equally powerful and difficult thing to witness.

We miss everyone in the states and we are so excited to share our stories with all of you guys in three weeks.

All the love and light,

North India

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