Learning, Exploring and Fun in Sri Lanka


This week the South India group had tons of fun volunteering with young monks, helping out as assistant teachers at an orphanage and talking with the young women at the probation center! At the orphanage, volunteers worked with 2 to 3-year-olds and 4 to 5-year-olds in classrooms. At times the children could make it tough to teach, however by the end of the week they were following English songs and learned emotions like happy, sad, angry, etc. At the probation center we did lots of laughing, drawing, dancing, and singing. It was a ton of fun to connect with the girls and be in their crazy, lasini (Sinhalese word for beautiful) presence! The monks at the monastery were super nice too, full of curiosity and energy. They taught us how to play cricket too! The more time we spent with them the more ¬†they opened up and the more we bonded, by the end it seemed like we knew them for weeks! Overall it’s been two packed weeks full of learning, exploring, and fun. ¬†That’s all for this week in Sri Lanka!

South India Out!

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