Thanksgiving, Wildlife SOS and the Taj Mahal in North India

This year we steered away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal and instead all worked together to make samosas and pasta. Although we had limited resources we pulled it off and had a fantastic Thanksgiving meal.

This week we volunteered at Wildlife SOS in Agra. This organization works towards the rehabilitation of elephants and sloth bears that have spent their lives being used as entertainment for profit. The elephants were rescued from circuses and from begging on the side of the street. Whereas the sloth bears were rescued from the tradition of being “dancing bears.” At Wildlife SOS the rescued animals live the rest of their lives in peace and happiness, sadly because of their lives in captivity none of the animals are able to return to the wild. For the first two days we worked with the elephants, in the mornings we accompanied the elephants on walks, in the afternoon we helped to feed and bathe the elephants. On the days we worked with the sloth bears we built enrichment’s for the bears which were platforms made from logs which we lashed together with ropes, we were also able to watch the bears eat. We are so grateful for our time at WSOS and all the incredible work they do to help the animals.

On our last day in Agra we went to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Both were amazing structures and feats of architecture. We had a lot of fun and learned a ton about the history of the Taj Mahal. We learned that it was built as a monument of love for the queen, serving as her tomb, and that the king was eventually usurped by his son and throw in prison. When he died he to was entombed with in the Taj.

All in all we had an amazing week fraught with fantastic and new experiences for all of us.

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