Special Events

March 25, 2017 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Maacama Retreat Center, 11640 Hwy. 128, Calistoga, CA 94515

Weaving the threads of authentic movement 
with intentional creativity (writing and painting) 
we will move, paint, listen, 
write and stitch our individual stories into the collective, 
journeying towards the center of rebirth and regeneration.

Cost: $65, includes all art supplies (bring your own brushes if you have them), sweet treats, tea, coffee and bubbles to toast our reawakening at the end of the day. If you are in need of financial assistance, please inquire about our sliding scale payment options.

Facilitator: Cassie Bull (click on Facilitators link above for full bio)

Spring awakening. Rebirth and regeneration.
Blood begins to rise like sap in the greening trees.
Eyes behold beauty wherever they light.
Colors of greens, yellows,
and vibrant pinks mix to create a collage
of wonder that blesses,
invites, entices, and seduces with a
gentle breeze touching new skin.
There is life after a long sleep.
Come out of hibernation,!
Learn again how to move
in the warmth and glory of
being at the beginning again.
Spirit wakes with a hunger to touch,
to feel, to warm, to explore what is possible.
Sleep is lighter. Seeing clearer.
Cocoons are shed and wings dry in the sun.
What is it you wish
as your wings begin to dry and unfold?
What is your soul’s whispering?

                                     Cassie Bull

Summer Solstice Ripening
June 21st – 3pm-6pm; June 22-24 – 11am-6pm

Autumn Equinox Picking Party
Sept. 20 – 3pm-6pm Sept. 21-23 – 11am-6pm

Winter Solstice: Deepening & the Dark
Dec. 20th- 3pm-6pm Dec. 21-23 – 11am-6pm

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