Movement is a vital learning modality in both LEAPYEARLEAPYEAR 2 and Body Visible/Body Invisible.

bvbi5We are moving beings from the moment of conception. There are no shortcuts. As we breathe, we move. As we learn to walk and talk, we move. As we learn to think, as we absorb our world, we move. As we move from our families out into larger communities, we move. And yet, somehow and somewhere along the way, we forget this most basic and vital aspect of coming into this life. We forget the wisdom of our moving bodies, of what it means to feel our way into a question. We forget what it feels like when all our senses are activated and we become alive with possibility. We become flattened, one-dimensional. We sit. We consume information and experiences. Our breathing becomes shallow. Our feelings become a distant memory. Our thoughts dictate our understanding of our lives and there is a sense of disappearing into an intangible world. We become walking heads. We forget about the vitality and heart that moving in our bodies gave us when first we came to form. How do we begin to remember? How do we access the wisdom of our moving bodies when we have forgotten so much? How do we hear the call that is sounding from the earth as well as from our own sickening bodies? How do we wake up and move?

There are many forms, practices and ways of moving towards how we define and experience our world through our moving bodies. Authentic Movement, Contemplative Dance, Body Visible/Body Invisible, Deep Ecology of the Body, Moving Truth, Five Rhythms (to mention a few) are all different forms and offerings that encourage and support literacy in the body. Each is an embodied practice and a moving journey into deeper relationships with ourselves, others and where we meet the world. As moving practices, each modality encourages and supports us to exquisitely and tangibly manifest our embodied wisdom in the world while at the same time creating a conscious bridge between inner experience and outer action. This is vital to our survival as a global family on this ailing planet and gives us a living experience of the questions and the answers we ask as individuals and then as world citizens. To be with all the questions that are rising during this great turning, we must first move.

When moving is an intentional practice, a conscious descent into an embodied experience, whole worlds are explored and excavated. Belief systems are challenged. We discover how we use meaning to interrupt flow. Moving towards an authentic experience of ourselves deeply grounded in the moving body– coming into relationship with our impulses initially and then into relationship through our impulses – we descend through layers of meaning that have developed over the years – layers that create our own unique and particular sense of the world. We begin to learn new pathways of experiencing and expressing our innocence, our joys, our angers, our fears – we begin to fill out as dimensional beings. As we become aware of how meanings define how we are in the world and even who we are in the world, we have an opportunity to come into a different relationship with meaning, with ourselves and with others.

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